Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good Memory

Last Thursday is our last- day -class of this semester at TAFE. Time passes so quickly, I had joined the level-4 class for 6 weeks since Oct.23. I met my lovely classmates, who come from different countries, and my nice and helpful teachers-Rosa and Liz. Although only less than 2 months study in this semester, I have to say that some happy time are unforgetable in my memory! Good Luck, my dear teachers and classmates!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vaucluse House

Monday, November 27, 2006

Different Culture (Australia and China)

Every country has its unique character from others countries, that's why some people like traveling and migrating to different places or countries in their life. Me too, the initial reason for me to come to Australia, that's its exotic charm. The Opera House is a symbol of Australia in my mind, I supposed that Australia seems to be like one of European countries, and its culture and lifestyle maybe similar to the UK. But since I've been really living here, undoubtedly there are some differences between Australia and China in many ways, but these differences are different from my first imagination about Australian.
Firstly, clothes.
Before I left for Australia the first time, my husband suggested when I was preparing to come to Australia, “Don't take many formal suits to Australia; just prepare some casual clothes. That would be ok for you.” Because at that time, he had been studying at UNSW in Sydney, and I was in China. To be honest, when I heard of it, I thought it was ridiculous! I didn't believe it at all! So I insisted on taking most of my formal dresses to Australia. But when I went out of the airport, I found that my husband was right, most people were wearing very casual clothes in Sydney, so my husband had to go to a shopping centre to buy some T shirts and other casual clothes for me that afternoon. I have to say that real Australian dressing style is totally different from what i had imagined.
Secondly, friendly and acceptable people
Because the first time I came to Australia was near to Christmas day, when I was walking on the street, some of people said to me “Mary Christmas!”. At first, I looked around and unsure the people who greeted to me, but after I met this situation several times during the Christmas holidays, and asked my husband. He told me that even though the stranger you haven't known him or her, they are willing to say hello and greeting to you. That's impossible in China, I was so glad to know that Australians are so friendly to a stranger. And also, I was so surprised about gays are so acceptable to Australian people. There is a gays' parade in Sydney every year, and thousands of common Australian people watch it and show their kindness to gays who come from all over the world. I was shocked so many gays took part in the parade when I first watched it. In China, I've been never seen that in my life before I came to Sydney, it's also impossible to happen in China. Well, I think that in some way Australia is much more open and acceptable than China.
Thirdly, attitude to children
I supposed that Australia was a children' heaven. Because of my kid was born in Australia, so that I found that Australian parents give their kids much play time and freedom, don't let their kids only concentrated on study. But in China, especially in big cities, kids who are 3 or 4 years old begin to learn many hobby courses, such as Olympic Mathematics, Piano, violin, drawing, etc…..My brother’s kid has learned piano for 5 years since she was 4 years old. It's very normal for Chinese parents take their kids to 2 or 3 courses during the weekend. I think that Chinese kids too little playing time in their childhood, it's such a pity! So in my view, Australia is a better place for a kid growing up happily and healthily.
Above mentioned, I think that some differences influence me day by day, such as, now I am enjoying wearing comfortable casual clothes anywhere, and I am willing to say hello to my neighbors even though I don’t know him or her very well, just know that we live in the same building, and also I am glad to give much play time to my kid, etc…. So the old say is correct: while in Rome, do as the Rome do.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park is one of Harbour National parks which is in the Eastern Suburbs. It's famouse for its shady grounds and also its shark net during the summer months. This park was established for publice use in 1911. And undoubtly, Nielsen Park is a great place for family picnic and walk along its unique harbour foreshore.
If you are going to a place, which included Historical sites, Swimming, Walking, Lookouts, Picnicking, Nielsen Park would be best choice!

Well, to get Nielsen Park, you can choose the public transport to get there. Use Transport Infoline, simple and clear to direct you how to get your destination. It's a good guide for you to get anywhere in Sydney.

How to get to Bondi Beach ( Sculpture by the Sea)

Bondi Beach is the most beautiful beach in Sydney, and if you were in Sydney during Nov. 2-19, you shouldn't miss to go there and also you can enjoy seeing the Sculpture by the Sea.
If you are going to take public transport to get there, there is a good website which is very convenient and useful for you, it is
Transport Info.
You should simply put in your location (from where), and also your destination (to where), time (what's the time you want to go there), then click "Search". You will find several ways to get there in detail including how much time you will take. Very simple and useful!
For instance, now we will go to Bondi beach from "Kogarah",
Put into "Kogarah" in the first step "From"
Put into "Bondi Beach" in the second step "To"
Put into "exact time which you are going to " or just use current time, then click "Search"
the 5 results showed to you are very graphic and include map, bus number, time, etc....just follow them. You won't miss your way.

Sculpture by the Sea

I have been to Bondi for a few of times, maybe just enjoying the beautiful beach, and missed to see the Sculpture by the Sea. Fortunately, now I know that by Rosa's blog, that's wonderful! Looking these amazing sculptures by the Sea, that gives me a different feeling about sea and sculpture.

I hope that I will go to see the Sculpture by the Sea next year!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Culture Differences

As an eastern Asian country, China is a mystery country, many foreigners have been to China and are eager to discover its real vision from ancient time to now. There are 56 nationalities within China, and each nationality has its own custom and culture, some of the customs or cultures are different, but most of them are very similar. As a visitor who first comes to China, and is going to visit different regions in China, the more you know these customs and culture at first, the less misunderstanding and trouble you have.

Firstly, you should know that most of Chinese don’t show their emotions very easily. This is one of Asian personality traits. For example, someday you visit your Chinese friend’s home, after a well-prepared dinner at home, may be your friend is very tired, but in front of the guests, when you ask he or she whether she is tired or not, this person would reply to you “no, no, no, I am not tired at all, and please don’t leave so early……”. Indeed, maybe he or she is very exhausted.

Secondly, during the dinner with your Chinese friends, especially at their home, the more you eat or drink, the better you show respect to the host. Because of all of the different nationalities’ people are very hospitable in China, they will treat the guests with their best things, such as, local delicious foods, alcohol drink (sometimes which made by themselves), best accommodation, etc. And being their honored guest, you should try to eat more their food and drink their alcoholic drink as much as you can, they must be very happy when they see you like their food and drink.

Thirdly, last but not the least, if you don’t have very close relations with someone in China, you should call them with their family name, otherwise, you just call them with their given name, that’s no problem. In China, you’d better call the elder with “NIN” instead of “NI (you)”, because of in English there’s no difference between that, but in China, that’s two words, “NIN ” is a special salutation to the older people who should be respected by the younger people.

Above mentioned, although not including all of Chinese cultures or customs, but if you pay more attention to that when you visit to China, you might feel more at ease to communicate and understand Chinese people.

Hope you have a good time in China!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Country-New Lifestyle

Here are some pointers on how to stay healthy in Australia.

  • Smoking Firstly, if you are a non-smoker, you should keep away from smoking environment as far as possible, because some doctors point out that second-hand smoking would do a lot of harm for your health same or more than smoking yourself would. Secondly, if you are a smoker, you should try to smoke less day by day, and it would be good for your health to quit your smoking habit as soon as possible.
  • Alcohol Being longtime addicted to alcohol or drinking much alcohol will hurt your brain, your heart, your liver and other vital organs. For your health, you should drink less alcohol.
  • Eating There are lots of natural and fresh foods in Australia, it's a great advantage for you to eat these fresh foods as much as you can. Such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, rich-fiber foods, etc... Meanwhile, you should eat less oiled food, fatty food, salty food and canned food, etc.
  • Exercise Keep exercising regularly, which would be good for you to keep fit and enhance your overall health.
  • Spending time in the sun On average, there are about 300 sunny days each year in Australia. So you should spend some time in the sun, but don't forget to use sun cream before you go out and also you should wear your sun-glasses and hat, it's very important to protect your skin in the sun.

You would be getting healthier if you follow the suggestions mentioned above. Hope you will keep happy and healthy in Australia!

Friday, November 10, 2006


My favorite flower is Lotus, and also my mum likes it most. She has been drawing all kinds of lotus as much as possible.

On 09 July, there was a Lotus Festival in YuanMingYuan Park, which one of famous parks in Beijing. I took lots of lotus pictures for my mum, because she said all kinds of blooming lotus gave her much inspiration of drawing them.

In traditional Chinese concept, Lotus is one of most beautiful flowers in China, it represents purity, and plenty of works of art (such as poems, paintings and pictures, etc.) about lotus's beauty since ancient China.

I would like to share this beautiful flower with all of you. Hope you would like it same as me.